Athreya Arogya Dhama

Is a hi-tech Yoga and Ayur vedic therapy center located in a serene locality of Bangalore (South). It is managed by well qualified and experienced teachers and professionals. It is well equipped with all the aesthetic traditional Ayurvedic and Yoga treatment facilities and modern amenities of international standards.

Athreya Arogya Dhama integrates classical Ayurveda & Yoga to provide total solutions to your health problems. The aim of our treatments & therapies is to create a state of Total, Quality, Positive & Perfect health through a balanced state of Physical, Physiological, Psychological Intellectual & Spiritual dimensions of life.

The Ayurvedic treatments & Yoga therapies are specially designed to manage most of the modern day to day health problems, varying from physical ailments to mental and selected surgical problems.

Traditional Ayurvedic & Kerala Special Therapies

  1. Abhyanga
  2. Shirodhara
  3. Greevabasti
  4. Kasherukabasti
  5. Udvarthana
  6. Pathrapindasweda
  7. Kayaseka
  8. Netratarpana
  9. Navarakizhi
  10. Katibasti
  11. Janubasti
  12. Mukalepa

Yoga Treatments include Asanas, Suryanamaskara, Sukshmavyayama, Pranayama, Meditaion, SMET, MSRT, PET, Yoganidra, etc., Some of the ailments treated Arthritis, Spondylitis, Low Back Pain,Asthma,Allergies, Bronchitis, Skin problems, White patches, Psoriasis, Cosmetic treatments, Diabetes, Hypertension, IBS, Migraine, Insomnia, Dry eyes, Hemorrhoids, Sexual problems, Hair fall, Dandruff, PCOD, Menstrual disorders & Infertility.

Facilities Available

  1. Ayurvedic consultations by experts Yoga therapy consultation by experts Classical Ayurvedic treatments
  2. Panchakarma treatments for chronic diseases
  3. Ayurvedic classical treatments for rejuvenation & immunity
  4. Special Yoga techniques
  5. Special wellness packages
  6. Ayurvedic skin care & beauty enhancing packages Ayurvedic surgical procedures - ksharasutra, Agnikarma, Rakthamokshana etc.,
  7. Ayurvedic way of ante natal & post natal care